Customer service is important to us, and we receive many appreciative comments from customers, talking about our products and our service. Here’s what they say; 

Hi Bryan, Thank you very much for sorting out the Set50.   Now works brilliantly. 

Sue & Jan, Devon

Thank you most sincerely for the very prompt delivery of the accupack rechargeable battery.

Greatly appreciated

Mrs A. S,  Bristol

Thank you so much: parcel arrived safely on Saturday morning and cheerful French visitors busy installing... That was a great kindness. . . . . .
You've worked a miracle - ecstatic sister on phone!
Thank you!
SY, London

To Mr. Brian Armstrong, BioAcoustics.  My grateful thanks for your kindness re the return of a replacement mobile phone. You said it would be with me on Friday and it arrived safely by 12 15. I wish you and all your staff the very best for the coming New Year.
DW. Stokesley. North Yorkshire. 

Sue has what is currently called "a mild hearing loss". In practice it means that when watching tv, she has to turn up the volume more than usual and to a level that others in the room probably find too loud. 

A couple of months ago, we were in the house of some friends for tea. He had suffered considerable hearing loss as a result of enemy action in the Yemen some years ago and had a problem, apart from every day life, with TV. He showed us a remarkable listening device which has changed his listening life. Made by the famous Sennheiser German firm, these devices are truly all they claim to be. BioAcoustics Ltd market them here in the UKand offer an outstanding service. We bought a set for Sue and it has indeed changed her tv viewing life. It consists of a small transmitter sitting on or near the tv set, connected to it; you, in your chair, no wires, have a pair of very light headphones through which you hear the tv sound, at your chosen volume regardless of the volume coming from the set. The benefits are surely obvious. 

The model described is a set-50-uk. When ordering, you are sent a simple form in which you can (reasonably) state that you have a hearing loss and thus pay no vat. 

Good follow up service - Sue managed to drop hers in the sink which obviously sank it! We sent it back and received it back the following day in full working order. 

Richard & Sue